Drug Convictions Will Cost You Your Financial Aid (Yes, even marijuana.)

Drug charges student loans, marijuana

Under Federal law and student loan guidelines, a conviction for simple possession of a controlled substance, including marijuana, will result in the loss of eligibility for federal student financial aid for one year. If a person is convicted of possession of a controlled substance with the intent to deliver, they will be ineligible for financial aid for two years. There are however options. A non-conviction disposition such as ARD, dismissal, or amendment of the charges to something other than possession may allow the student to maintain financial aid. Additionally, there is a process where a student can complete a rehabilitation program and pass unannounced drug screens, which will allow the student to apply for early termination of the disqualification. Everyone understands that criminal charges can have a great impact on a person's ability to gain employment. However, the unintended collateral consequences of criminal convictions, and even alternative dispositions, are numerous. From a loss of the right to own firearms, to a suspension of a driver's license or the loss of the ability to serve on a jury. With all these potential consequences, it is more important than ever that you consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney. If you have pending criminal charges, or are struggling to deal with the consequences of a conviction, contact the attorneys at Lauer & Fulmer today!

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