9 Tips to Remember After a Slip and Fall Accident

A Slip and Fall accident can not only be painful, but it may also affect your financial stability for years. Therefore, if you slip and fall and incur injuries due to someone else’s negligence you are entitled to compensation. In the instance that you find yourself a victim of a slip and fall, follow these helpful tips to protect your rights.

9 Tips to Remember After a Slip and Fall Accident

  1. Take a Video or Photo of Where the Accident Happened! Usually when someone slips and falls, a panic sets in and they forget to take any photos or videos of where the accident happened. Make sure you get the exact location of the fall in the photo and what caused it. For example, if you slipped on snow and ice, take a picture showing a close up of the snow/ice and a distant picture to show context of the scene.

  2. Get Medical Attention Immediately! It’s very important that you seek medical attention from a healthcare professional as soon as possible. Not only will this increase your chance of reaching a full recovery but this will document your injuries, thus creating a record which we can build your lawsuit around.

  3. Inform the Person Responsible. Usually when you fall at a business, an incident report will be filed, which will help establish a record of the accident. For example, if you fell at a Walmart, make sure someone reports it to management and gets a copy of the report.

  4. Look for Witnesses. Did anyone see you fall? If so, it’s imperative that you get their contact information as you may need it later in the litigation process.

  5. Look Around for Security Cameras. If you fall in a public place, such as a store, more often than not, your slip and fall was captured on video. When you report the slip and fall to management, ask them to preserve the surveillance video.

  6. Don’t Panic or Get Angry. Typically, one of the two aforementioned emotions will appear after your fall. Try to stay calm, get the medical attention you need, and don’t retaliate against the person who caused the accident.

  7. Write Down How the Event Happened. Traumatic events tend to stick in our memory easily but the surrounding circumstances and details can be forgotten over time. Take a moment and write down what you did the day of the fall, leading up to the accident, during and after.

  8. Keep Your Shoes and Clothing. For litigation purposes, it’s important that you know what shoes and clothing you were wearing on the day of the accident.

  9. Schedule a Free Consultation with Lauer & Fulmer. After seeking medical attention, call our office and setup an appointment with one of our attorneys. It’s completely free and there is no obligation to retain our representation. Our office successfully handles many Slip and Fall accidents every year.

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