Meet the Staff - Christopher Rodrigues (Paralegal/Law Student)

Prior to Lauer & Fulmer, P.C., I graduated from Lafayette College with a B.A. in Government and Law. After Lafayette, I entered the paralegal program at Northampton Community College. I began my tenure at Lauer & Fulmer, P.C. as an intern while at Northampton. I greatly enjoyed my internship and continued to volunteer here throu

ghout the ensuing summer before I was brought on as a Junior Paralegal. I have been exposed to many different types of law while working at Lauer & Fulmer, P.C. including personal injury, criminal appeals, and civil arbitration. My responsibilities have included legal research, drafting various forms of pleadings and discovery, as well as, beginning a “paperless” project in an effort to become an eco-friendly office.

Inspired by the talented group of attorneys that I have been surrounded by for over a year, I have decided to pursue a law degree. I will attend the Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law this fall with a $42,000 per year scholarship. While at Villanova, I plan to focus my studies around business law and intellectual property. My time at Lauer & Fulmer, P.C. has been nothing short of incredible and I will value my experience here for a lifetime. When people ask me where I work and I tell them that I work at Lauer & Fulmer, P.C., they instantly respond with how lucky I am to be in such a competent and respected law office. Hard work and diligence encompasses this office and the experience that each of our attorneys brings to the table is unmatched in the Lehigh Valley. I am very grateful for the opportunity that I was given at Lauer & Fulmer, P.C., and I know that my future successes started here.

Outside of work, I am an avid golfer and beachgoer. Below is a picture of myself and my girlfriend, who will also be attending Villanova Law in the fall, at the 2016 DeSales University Formal.

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