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Has your child been charged with a felony or misdemeanor? Do you have questions regarding your child's options, and how a conviction may affect his or her future?

If your child faces criminal charges, it's important to work with a criminal defense lawyer who is experienced specifically in handling juvenile charges. Juvenile charges differ from adult charges in a number of important ways. Juvenile charges are tried in different courts, in different types of proceedings. In most cases, punishments at the juvenile level are less punitive, and bring more opportunities for rehabilitation.


The attorneys of the Easton law firm of Lauer Law Offices, P.C. have handled numerous juvenile criminal cases and provide the caring, concerned and experienced legal help your child needs. 

We are able to represent people facing a broad range of juvenile crime charges, including:

  • Truancy

  • Shoplifting

  • Underage drinking

  • Murder and assault

  • Sexual assault and other sex crimes

  • Drug charges

  • Gang violence and other violent crimes


A key issue in juvenile law is whether the child will be charged as a minor or as an adult. For many charges, this issue will determine whether a minor will spend time in a detention center rather than a prison for adults.

We work with experts to demonstrate that our minor clients are amenable to rehabilitation, and to request that they be transferred to or remain in juvenile court. We then work to prove their innocence or to negotiate a satisfactory resolution, including possibly getting the child's record cleared.

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