Drug Charges

Experienced Drug Charge Defense in Eastern Pennsylvania

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Have you been charged with drug possession? Have you been accused of drug manufacturing or distribution? Do you face charges of possessing or selling prescription medications?

The Easton law firm of Lauer Law Offices P.C. has defended against hundreds of drug charge cases over our 40-year history. We can provide an aggressive and effective defense for charges involving:

  • Marijuana

  • Cocaine

  • Heroin

  • Methamphetamines

  • Prescription drugs

  • Any illegal or controlled substance


Our four-member lawyer team has handled cases ranging from possession of a small amount of marijuana to numerous high-profile cases, including cases covered by NBC Dateline, The Learning Channel and other national media. One case we handled involved two kilos of cocaine imported through Newark Airport. Another case involved a ton and a half of marijuana. If you face drug related charges in eastern Pennsylvania, we are the firm to turn to.

Our attorney team includes several lawyers with decades of experience in drug crime criminal defense. Have you been charged for possession of your own prescription drugs? Do you need help with charges involving alleged drug paraphernalia? Do you face charges of driving while under the influence of a narcotic or prescription drug? For immediate and experienced legal counsel, contact our office.

When you face drug charges in the Easton, Pennsylvania, contact Lauer Law Offices, P.C. for experienced legal help. Call 610-258-5329.